Machakos University Computer Science and Information Technology Students on Friday 4th November 2022 at United States International University (USIU) Africa, participated in a competition dubbed Meta Com alongside four other universities. This competition was organized by Yel-bridges, a profound cybersecurity company in conjunction with other key stakeholders in the ICT industry.

Students are supposed to come up with ideas in the area of virtual and augmented reality, implement and develop applications that can run in the Metaverse. The Machakos University teams are working on two projects. The first one is development of an application on fashion and design in which clients will be able to sample African outfits, fit the attire using avatars in the metaverse before making an order. The other project is on tourism. This involves coming up with an application that will showcase various tourist attraction sites in Kenya and beyond, majorly featuring various game parks, game reserves and the entire wildlife ecosystem. Upon the implementation of the project, tourists will be able to exclusively immerse themselves into the virtual world encompassing the tourism ecosystem and experience the sensual feel and touch that mimics the real-world wild tour.

The immediate deadline for an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) presentation is scheduled for December 10th this year. 

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